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Foundation Meditation

Start dates:

Tuesday      6th February Morning  11.00-12.15

Tuesday      6th February Evening  7.30-8.45

Wednesday 7th February  Evening  7.30-8.45

Thursday    8th February  Morning 11.00-12.15

Tuesday     6th March Morning  11.00-12.15

Tuesday      6th March Evening  7.30-8.45

Wednesday 7th March Evening  7.30-8.45

Thursday    8th March Morning 11.00-12.15

Tuesday      3rd April Morning  11.00-12.45

Tuesday      3rd April Evening  7.30-8.45

Wednesday 4th April Evening 7.30-8.45

Thursday    5th April Morning 11.00-12.15

Advanced Meditation

Start dates:

Monday   5th February  Evening  7.30-8.45

Monday   5th March  Evening  7.30-8.45

Monday   2nd April  Evening  7.30-8.45

Think Positive

Start dates:

Wednesday 7th February  Morning  11.00-12.15

Wednesday 7th February  Evening 7.30-8.45

Wednesday 7th March     Morning  11.00-12.15

Wednesday 7th March     Evening  7.30-8.45

Wednesday 4th April     Morning 11.00-12.15

Wednesday 4th April     Evening  7.30-8.45

Manage Stress 

Start dates:

Tuesday   6th February  Evening   7.30-8.45

Tuesday  6th March       Evening  7.30-8.45

Tuesday  3rd April         Evening  7.30-8.45

Self - Esteem

Start dates:

Thursday  8th February Evening 7.30-8.45

Thursday  8th March     Evening 7.30-8.45

Thursday  5th April       Evening 7.30-8.45

It's okay to simply turn up for the start without prior booking, remember all courses are free of charges.

Creative Meditation

Start dates:

Sunday 25th February  Morning 11.00 am--12 noon

Sunday 25th March      Morning 11.00 am--12 noon

Sunday 22nd April        Morning 11.00 am--12 noon